Live Social Media: Instagram

Pining for the holidays. 🌲❤️❄️

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Disney’s Instagram page interacting with fans, and getting ready for the Christmas/holiday season. This pine decoration is actually very popular and symbolic (it has been displayed in their old holiday and Christmas Carol VCR tapes). In this new and modern way via social medias, Disney brings back/continues old traditions for upcoming holidays.




Live Social Media: Twitter

Here is Disney’s official Twitter page making a post about their new movie: Moana (which I really want to see too). They include an entertaining clip to advertise Moana; however, there is something different about the tweet this time. The source is actually from Disney’s own Instagram page! All Disney’s social media are tied together to further benefit the company as a whole (and as we have seen). Using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., the social media team at Disney is hard at work and continuing to help through the Internet!

Live Social Media: Instagram

Disney is using many of its resources here from what we’ve talked about and explored so far. A few years ago, Disney acquired LucasFilm and effectively the Star Wars franchise. These are future plans for Disney World, the theme park(s) that is so adept at using technology and the Internet to profit. In this post, they combine all these factors together, and again use the Internet and social media to promote their products, which will no doubt be successful!

Live Social Media: Instagram

Disney’s Official Instagram page, interacting with their fans at their theme parks like Disneyland (and Disney World). This one is taken all the way at Shanghai, showing the spread of the company throughout the world through the Internet.